Please add to either list as you learn.

Does render in a widget Edit

It seems the compatible list is shorter than the incompatible list so we'll start with what does render successfully inside a WikiPage widget frame.

-- Lists of pages -- 
{{Special:PrefixIndex/<namespace>:<pagename path prefix>}}


{{User blog:<username>/...}}  but the blog post title does not display 

{{#forminput: ... }} requires Semantic Forms extension e.g [[Widget/semantic forms]]
[[File:<path to OGG file>]]  requires OGG Player extension e.g. [[Widget/Music player]]

??  [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action= ... }}  ??  can't find an example of usage

<createbox> ... </createbox> e.g [[Widget/semantic forms]]
<inputbox> ... </inputbox>
<bloglist> ... </bloglist> e.g. [[Project:News]]
<widget> ... </widget>
<span>[[<namespace<:<pagepath>#<anchor>|<label>]]</span> e.g [[Widget/semantic forms]]

Any page from the namepsace:

Does not render in a widget Edit

  • WidgetCommunity (a.k.a. "Latest activity") renders as a widget in sidebar_1 but cannot be dragged and dropped into the dashboard
  • No pages from the Forum: namespace. viz.
{{Forum:Help desk}}
  • None of the Maintennance Report pages in thevirtual namespace, Special: viz.
  • Lists of pages
  • Users and rights

  • Recent changes and logs

  • Media reports and uploads

  • Wiki data and tools

  • Redirecting special pages

  • High use pages

  • Semantic MediaWiki

  • Semantic Forms

  • Misc.
  • heading
{{User blog:<username>}}
{{User blog:<username>/}}

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