If you have prior experience as admin for a wiki and would like to help with the various behind the scenes tasks then please make your request on the talk page here.

  • Tell us about your experience and how you think you can help.

If you are new to wikis or have no prior admin experience then it is best that you first spend several months as a contributor. There are very few actions that require admin privilege and so you might be pleasantly surprised by how helpful you can be to this community without becoming an admin. Admins do not enjoy any special privileges that a regular contributor cannot also enjoy.

  • As a bare minimum you should
    • familiarize yourself with and even contribute to the Manual of Style
    • create new articles adding appropriate categories for each article
    • expand or illustrate existing articles by uploading PNG or GIF images (Reserve JPG for photographs and complex images not the relatively simple images used for illustrating most saililng scenarios. JPG exhibits loss of data through compression.) - once again adding appropriate categories but also adding suitable copyright tags for each image (see Licensing guide)
    • ask and answer questions at the Forum:Help desk
    • experiment and become comfortable with customizing your personal user experience at this wiki via the files listed at Virtual Skipper Wiki:Community_Portal#Customize_your_experience - When you have a recipe that you think should be used by all visitors to the site that can be copied to a common/shared file by an admin.
    • Be guided by Virtual_Skipper_Wiki:Templates to create, document and use a few original templates
    • Explore the many links found at Special:SpecialPages
    • Familiarize yourself with the Special:Widgets and Special:WidgetDashboard learning how to configure/tweak these
    • If you are really keen and have the patience of a saint then you might familiarize yourself with Semantic Media Wiki features however be warned that this is a steep learning curve with very poor documentation and next to no support from Wikia staff.
  • After about 6 months of active contributions and increased familiarity while growing this wiki community please return here to make your request via the talk page.

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