This blog portion of the wiki is relatively new right across all Wikia hosted communities.

  • I've never fully understood what purpose a blog can serve that a forum post/thread cannot.

Responding to advertising
Today I responded to a user_talk message regarding advertising at Wikia hosted sites. This prompted me to update this Stylish script which is useful if you browse using Firefox but not if you browse with Internet Explorer.

  • The virtue of the Stylish approach is that each user may customize their personal browser.

The other very useful tool is
If you use a router to share a broadband connection among several users then it is very easy to configure that router to use an opendns IP address for Domain Name System lookups and translations.

  • The virtue of the opendns approach is that you customize in one place to affect what domain names can deliver content to multiple users you may be responsible for.

Between the two you can eliminate all manner of unwanted content.

Why share this
Since I do make use of the above two forms of filtering I may be completely unaware of whatever experience you may be having when you visit Virtual Skipper Wiki. Therefore, if you are finding something about the wiki that rubs you the wrong way then you need to make mention of it rather than assume that everyone sees what you see and expect that "someone will surely do something about this elephant in the room."

Well I don't know ... was that a blog? --najevi 02:14, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

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