Well the idea seems nice but there are significant shortcomings.

  1. Both the plain text format and the boxy format waste to much screen space with vacant whitespace.
    • Perhaps if CSS can be used to dress-down one or the other then this point can be worked around
  2. For blog articles added to Category:News, each time the blog is edited the category tage is erased.
    • This is a bug. So it's sure to be fixed eventually. (Blogs have been around since mid-August ... &-[)
  3. Regardless of the true/false setting for the timestamp parameter, a datestamp is displayed in the bloglist.
    • Must be another bug so we can count on that being fixed and crossed off this list.
  4. No links are visible in the 250-character preview.
    • This is a major shortcoming especially for brief new headlines because readers will want to go directly to the announced/featured item rather than being forced to "read more" at some page in the User blog namespace.

As the blog feature develops we can take another look at this system for posting news. Continue to use the [[Category:News]] tag for any news article or blog you write. There is no harm in starting an archive before it can be viewed as originally intended.

  • In fact the abandoned news feed is created at Project:News so check it out and provide feedback on any additional bells or whistles you think should be included.

For the time being please edit the Main_Page to add short news headline with links to a more detailed article. For uniformity, please keep your news item to about 2 or 3 lines or fewer than 250 characters. Feel free to delete any old and stale news headlines.

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