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Najevi November 10, 2009 User blog:Najevi

Major news items from the first 5 months of the Virtual Skipper Wiki wiki (!sic):

  • 7 November - Monaco Custom skin is now live. Please ensure the check box labeled "Let the admins override my skin choice. (recommended)" is checked at your skin preferences.
  • 4 November - updated the Stylish filter for Wikia ads to clean up unwelcome clutter. Firefox, IE7Pro, Greasemonkey, Chrome, and Opera users can all use this filter.
  • 23 October - Take the Guided tour and leave feedback.
  • 8 September - Racing Scenario Illustrator document uploaded for review.
  • 17 August - Any page at the wiki may be added to your personal list of favorites. ( Learn how ) Form based add/edit of racing course (track) pages.
  • 12 August - .GBX file upload became problematic and will no longer be a feature however, .ZIP file upload of boat models and skins is now working. Multiple <track-name.GBX> files will have to be bundled into a single .ZIP archive for upload.
  • 3 August - Form based add/edit of Boat Model and Skin pages. A Manage your Favorites facility and a popularity index is in place for all pages in the categories: Boats and Skins, Tracks and Hosts.
  • 13 June - Manual of style first draft
  • 10 June 2009 - This wiki is created!

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