• Najevi

    Which language do you want ?

    November 12, 2009 by Najevi
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  • Najevi

    Well the idea seems nice but there are significant shortcomings.

    1. Both the plain text format and the boxy format waste to much screen space with vacant whitespace.
      • Perhaps if CSS can be used to dress-down one or the other then this point can be worked around
    2. For blog articles added to Category:News, each time the blog is edited the category tage is erased.
      • This is a bug. So it's sure to be fixed eventually. (Blogs have been around since mid-August ... &-[)
    3. Regardless of the true/false setting for the timestamp parameter, a datestamp is displayed in the bloglist.
      • Must be another bug so we can count on that being fixed and crossed off this list.
    4. No links are visible in the 250-character preview.
      • This is a major shortcoming especially for brief new h…
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  • Najevi

    News articles anyone can write

    November 10, 2009 by Najevi

    Any article can become a featured news item at the main page by simply tagging your article with tag at any time.

    We'll display the last 6 news items at the main page but that number may be adjusted as we see how this feature gets used.

    • To see the complete archive of news items visit Category:News
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  • Najevi

    Archive of wiki news

    November 10, 2009 by Najevi

    Major news items from the first 5 months of the wiki (!sic):

    • 7 November - Monaco Custom skin is now live. Please ensure the check box labeled "Let the admins override my skin choice. (recommended)" is checked at your skin preferences.
    • 4 November - updated the Stylish filter for Wikia ads to clean up unwelcome clutter. Firefox, IE7Pro, Greasemonkey, Chrome, and Opera users can all use this filter.
    • 23 October - Take the Guided tour and leave feedback.
    • 8 September - ' document uploaded for review.
    • 17 August - Any page at the wiki may be added to your personal list of favorites. ( Learn how ) Form based add/edit of racing course (track) pages.
    • 12 August - .GBX file upload became problematic and will no longer be a feature however, .ZIP fi…
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  • Najevi

    In no particular order:

    When viewing the list of players currently online the default is to display friends at the top of the list. It would be convenient to be able to click on a column header to also sort the list

    1. alphabetically by nick name
    2. ascending/descending by ladder points

    When connected to a server and either racing or in spectator mode it would be nice to be able to view the ladder points of another boat and your own.

    When in spectator mode and viewing the ISAF window - be able to sort the list of racers in order of their current place in the race. This is already correctly implemented in racing mode.

    1. be able to lock camera view on any boat in the race.
    2. be able to click a location and have a wind and stream direction and strength gauge app…

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