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  1. For an observer standing at the stern and facing the bow of a boat the starboard side is the observer's right-hand side.
  2. For an observer standing at the stern and facing the bow of a boat the port side is the observer's left-hand side.
  3. The bow is the front most end of the boat's hull.
  4. The stern is the rearmost end of the boat's hull.

Why do skippers shout STARBOARD in chat?Edit

This is a hail from one skipper to another. It is to announce/remind the other skipper that the hailing skipper is on starboard tack. A starboard tack boat has right-of-way over a boat on port tack. The hail is designed to avoid a collision but it can also be intended to intimidate the other skipper into maneuvering to keep clear sooner than they might otherwise have planned.

If you see STARBOARD hailed in the chat panel then take a look at:

  • your radar view
  • the 3D world view
  • the rght-of-way rule numbers in the ISAF window

to check whether or not you are required to keep clear.

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