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This string property identifies the license pertaining to copyright for a piece of work - uploaded image, uploaded video, block of text, etc. Classic use is to identify uploaded files to allow query of files having a common license without having to create a dozen or so categories to do the same job.

  • Not a very clevr use of properties since the identical categorization is possible by running a "where used" query on the relevant license template.

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18 Foot Skiff V2 3399 01.jpg +CC-BY-SA  +
18 Foot Skiff +CC-BY-NC-ND  +
18 foot skiff.jpg +Fair use  +
420 vskfun.jpg +CC-BY-SA  + +CC-BY-NC-ND  +
49er credits.jpg +CC-BY-SA  + +CC-BY-NC-ND  +
AC90 VSKFun.jpg +CC-BY-SA  + +CC-BY-NC-ND  +
ACC sail 1 polar BS TWS TWA.png +Fair use  +
ACC sail 4 wind shadow.png +Fair use  +
Attachments 2009 12 +CC-BY-SA  +
Auss333.png +CC-BY-NC-ND  + +CC-BY-NC-ND  +
Background strip panorama.jpg +CC-BY-NC-SA  +
Balloon-bouquet.jpg +Fair use  +
Boat Scenario +GNU-GPL-3.0  +
Boot.jpg +Fair use  +, Public domain  +
Calibrate radar 1.png +Self  +, CC-BY-SA  +
Calibrate radar 2.png +Self  +, CC-BY-SA  +
Calibrate radar 3.png +Self  +, CC-BY-SA  +
Calibrate radar 4.png +Self  +, CC-BY-SA  +
Calibrate radar 5.png +Self  +, CC-BY-SA  +
Cc-attrib.gif +Other free  +
Cc-by-nc-nd.png +Other free  +

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