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Boat/18 Foot Skiff v2 +The 18ft skiff is fastest sailed flat - use manual trim. Use Auto trim rounding marks. Drop SPI early before marks as the boat will just about stop if you are too late once you start heading upwind. Careful using SPI over 30 knots.  +
Boat/49er +The boat is designed to give a small advantage to manual trim over automatic. However, the 49er is a very technical and demanding boat in real life, and the VSK5 version in manual trim is no different. The normal technique is to ease the sails slightly to keep the boat upright. The boat will still heel if sailed close to the wind with the spinnaker hoisted, but you should still aim for less heel than auto. The manual advantage will quickly be wasted without concentration on accurate trim, and it is very easy to capsize. Needless to say, a manually trimmed boat is slower than auto if it is capsized! The result should be a reasonable balance where the boat is competitive on auto, but a small speed advantage is possible for those who wish to use their skill and risk the odd capsize.  +
Boat/ACC + * Smooth rudder movements create least drag and best initial boat speed on the new course. * Momentum can carry a luffing boat forward for a couple of boat lengths - useful when pinching a mark. * Releasing sail trim under spinnaker can save you from rounding up and allow your boat to coast to mark at a smaller TWA. * Rudder angle should be no more than 30°-35° while tacking. Maintain 9kts BS during the tack. After passing head to wind you should initially bear away to ~40° TWA to accelerate to ~11kts BS before heading up to a close-hauled point of sail ~30° TWA. (This advice for force 5 - force 6 winds.)   +
Boat/Farr 40 v2 +Above 18kts BS, >15° rudder movement creates noticeable drag so ''smooth and subtle steering'' is advised even on a downwind run. Reserve 40° rudder for an emergency only. To tack, give 10° rudder until 22°-25° TWA then give 30° rudder to complete the turn.  +

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