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Boat/18 Foot Skiff v2 +Quickest upwind in small seas, however the model surfs well downwind in a swell. Yes the model can capsize, it will round up downwind with it being most difficult over 30kts and very difficult over 35kts. If in trouble drop the SPI and raise headsail.  +
Boat/420 +  +
Boat/AC90 +  +
Boat/ACC +Also known as '''IACC''' or simply '''ACC'''.<br />Performance parameters are different from 32AC to VSK5. This page describes VSK5 performance.  +
Boat/Farr 40 v2 +Have fun with the new Farr 40. There are a lot of nuances to her so just keep experimenting to get the best performance.  +
Boat/Orma v21 +3D: Planing66, Maitai XML: Maitai Beta-tests: Omr, Manu, Philo, Sonsplif, Quentin, Kagou, Zig-Zag, Simous, Kagou, P'tit Mal, Duane Skins: Quentin, Kagou, Simous, Maitai 10 skins (1.2MB - 3.9MB each) require separate download(s)  +
Junk6 +test case  +
Skin/AusS333 +Blue, white, grey, black. Stylized kangaroo. Transparent.  +

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