The Free World Yacht Club now has the online server tables on the FWYC homepage.............

These tables show server names, host boat names, host country, if the server is private or not private, if the server is full or not full and the number of players in the server. This information is automatically updated every few minutes and is a 100% accurate way to see who is hosting without having to start the game and navigating to the Multiplayer Internet lobby or "menu". It is an excellent method to see if a friend is hosting or to plan what server you will enter before you open Virtual Skipper.

***These tables show information in relation to both 32 America's Cup / The Game (unpatched version) and 32nd America's Cup / The Game (patched version) or Virtual Skipper 5. All other Nadeo servers such as VSK 3, VSK 4 as well as servers on virtual private networks using either Himachi or Tunngle or not shown on these tables.***

We would like to thank eXtreme (captain of Team Russia) from VSK Russia for all his help and for providing the vskapi.php script.

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