The myContent gadget allows any registered user to very easily filter advertising and other unilaterally pushed (and placed) content from such locations as the navigation sidebar, the page header and the page footer. 95% of the filtered content is still easy enough to access via the Special:WidgetDashboard on an opt-in basis. See also: MediaWiki:Gadget-myLZ/doc

The primary motivation for this gadget is to allow custom content added by a registered user to float to the top of the sidebar where it can more likely be seen without having to scroll. See Category:User widgets for some ideas of the types of custom widgets that you might prefer to see in your Monaco sidebar but remember that just about any wiki page may be specified as the source page for a WikiPage widget.

Before and after screenshots

Wikia's most intrusive advertising is primarily targeted at the casual visitor to Wikia communities - i.e. the unregistered user and the user who has not logged in. Once registered, a logged in user is presented with no advertising on wiki article pages and on the wiki's Main_Page, only the leaderboard ad appears. The same cannot be said for certain promotional content that is forced into your Monaco sidebar and page footer. (e.g. WIKIAnswers, MagCLOUD, Latest Activity*, Spotlight, Related Communities - see highlighted areas in left hand image below.)

Before and after checking the myContent box at Special:Preferences Gadgets tab
MyContent Registered mainpage before hl

Forced content is highlighted

MyContent Registered mainpage after

After "myContent" is checked at Preferences - Gadgets

How to .. enable/disable myContent

MyContent Registered preferences

Enable/disable via Gadgets tab at Preferences

Out of respect for Wikia's advertising policy, this filtering feature is deliberately made an opt-in feature as opposed to being the default for this community.

You enable and disable the feature via the Gadgets tab found at Special:Preferences.

Viewing filtered content

  • All filtered content (except Latest Activity) can easily be viewed at your fully custom Special:WidgetDashboard. Each user may opt-in to view that content after they have filtered it from it's default location.

Remember that you can easily disable the filter via the same checkbox in your preferences. This is especially useful when you want to drag some filtered content from it's default placement in the Monaco sidebar over to your widget dashboard. Temporarily disable myContent to allow access to those drag-able widgets and when you are done re-enable myContent. The Latest Activity widget is not draggable but you can easily replace that with any of:

  • Recent activity
  • Newest articles
  • Top content : Newly changed
  • any custom WikiPage widget that you design for this purpose

You will notice that WikiPage widgets whose source page cannot be found are clearly identified when myContent is disabled but are auto-magically hidden from view once myContent is enabled. This is such a useful feature you might consider adding this to your w:c:central:special:MyPage/global.js file. Read this blog to learn how.

How to .. copy this "myContent" feature to another wiki

  1. You must request the Gadgets Extension be enabled for the target wiki.
  2. Visit Special:Gadgets at the wiki you are currently reading to find links to the myContent pages within the MediaWiki namespace and copy each one to the MediaWiki namespace at the target wiki. (Sysop privileges required.)

That's all there is to it! Just remember that sometimes it is necessary to flush your browsers cache for changes in CSS or JS to take effect.

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