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File:'.zipFile:18 Foot Skiff V2.zipFile:18 Foot Skiff V2 3399 01.jpg
File:18 foot skiff.jpgFile:420
File:AC90 VSKFun.jpgFile:ACC sail 1 polar BS TWS TWA.pngFile:ACC sail 4 wind shadow.png
File:All 4 Elements of Summer.jpgFile:America's Cup Virtual Skipper 5File:Attachments 2009 12
File:Auss333.pngFile:Auss333.zipFile:Background strip panorama.jpg
File:Balloon-bouquet.jpgFile:Boot.jpgFile:Calibrate radar 1.png
File:Calibrate radar 2.pngFile:Calibrate radar 3.pngFile:Calibrate radar 4.png
File:Calibrate radar 5.pngFile:Cc-attrib.gifFile:Cc-by-nc-nd.png
File:Cc-by-sa.pngFile:Cc-by.pngFile:Cc-gnu gpl.png
File:Config1.pngFile:Config10 custom data.pngFile:Config2 display.png
File:Config3 audio.pngFile:Config4 network.pngFile:Config5 peertopeer.png
File:Config6 game.pngFile:Config7 inputs.pngFile:Config8 compatibility.png
File:Config9 display preset minimum quality.pngFile:Copy of Credits.oggFile:Copy of myContent Registered preferences.png
File:Customize-najevi.zipFile:Database overview.pngFile:Dusty.jpg
File:EXtreme40.zipFile:Example.jpgFile:Extreme40 polar all-in-one.jpg
File:Extreme40 vw.jpgFile:Farr40001001.jpgFile:Farr40001002.jpg
File:Farr40001003.jpgFile:Farr40001004.jpgFile:Farr40 polar1 staysail.jpg
File:Farr40 polar2 genoa.jpgFile:Farr40 polar3 gennaker.jpgFile:Farr40 polar4 symspi.jpg
File:Farr40 shadow beam-reach.jpgFile:Farr40 shadow close-hauled.jpgFile:Farr40 shadow running.jpg
File:Farr40wicked.jpgFile:Farr 40'.zipFile:Farr 40
File:Feature.pngFile:Footer bay panorama 155h.jpgFile:Forum new.gif
File:Gplv3-127x51.pngFile:Help0.pngFile:How a Boat Sails in Apparent Wind
File:How to use Boat ScenarioFile:ISAF Rule 10 Starboard ROW ExamplesFile:ISAF Rule 10 Starboard ROW downwind -Part 9
File:ISAF Rule 10 Starboard ROW upwind -Part 13File:ISAF Rule 11 Windward Leeward -Part 10File:ISAF Rule 12 Overtaking to Leeward -Part 12
File:ISAF Rule 12 Overtaking to Windward -Part 11File:ISAF Rule 14 Avoiding Contact -Part 1File:ISAF Rule 16 Room to Keep Clear -Part 4
File:ISAF Rule 18 Mark Rounding -Part 8File:ISAF Rule 31 Touching a Mark -Part 5File:ISAF Rule 44 Taking a Penalty -Part 6
File:ISAF logo
File:Imoca polar all-in-one.jpgFile:Imoca sails range.jpgFile:Imoca vw.jpg
File:Instrument panel 3 rows.pngFile:J105.zipFile:LUCID.jpg
File:Location.jpgFile:Logged off user - Manage your Favorites.pngFile:Mainpage no ads.png
File:MaxiCat.zipFile:MaxiTri.zipFile:MaxiTri vw.jpg
File:Maxicat.jpgFile:Maxicat polars all-in-one.jpgFile:MyContent Registered mainpage after.png
File:MyContent Registered mainpage before hl.pngFile:MyContent Registered preferences.pngFile:MyLZ Registered dashboard after.png
File:MyLZ Registered dashboard before.pngFile:MyLZ Registered preferences.pngFile:Nag screen.jpg
File:Nha Trang beach-5078.jpgFile:Open source button.pngFile:Orange II.jpg
File:Orange II.zipFile:Orange UV Hull.jpgFile:Orange UV Sails.jpg
File:Orange UV Spi2.jpgFile:Orange VMGs all-in-one.jpgFile:Orange polars all-in-one.jpg
File:Orma.zipFile:Orma v21.jpgFile:Orma
File:Overstand layline for acceleration.pngFile:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.png
File:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.pngFile:Points of sail.png
File:Premature Start Procedure -Part 7File:Prestart Maneuvering Explanation -Part
File:Racing Rules of sailingFile:Radar circles and grid.pngFile:Radar toggle laylines.png
File:Rule18.1a na.pngFile:Rule18.3a above closehauled mark2port.gifFile:Rule18.3a above closehauled mark2stbd.gif
File:Rule18.3a interfere.gifFile:Rule18.3b inside overlap.gifFile:Rule 10 vs Rule 18.3a.png
File:Rule 10 vs Rule 18.3a - part2.pngFile:Sail -1.pngFile:Sail -2.png
File:Sail -3.pngFile:Sail -4.pngFile:Sail 1.png
File:Sail 2.pngFile:Sail 3.pngFile:Sail 4.png
File:Sailing rulesFile:San Francisco bay panorama.jpgFile:Sidebar sky sea and sand texture.jpg
File:Slam door.jpgFile:Star-rating.pngFile:Swan60.gif
File:Sydney demo comp6 400x300.pngFile:Texture chart2.jpgFile:Texture wet sand.gif
File:The New Racing Rules for Sailing 2009 Part 1File:The New Racing Rules for Sailing 2009 Part 2File:The New Racing Rules for Sailing 2009 Part 3
File:The New Racing Rules for Sailing 2009 Part 4File:The Physics of Sailing - KQED QUESTFile:TitleTemplate.png
File:Tree.jpgFile:Triangle Course -Part HD1980b darkonlight sidebar206.png HD1980b lightondark HD1980b negative sidebar.jpgFile:Tunngle black.png
File:Tunngle glow.pngFile:Tunngle grey.pngFile:Tunngle white.png
File:UberfuzzyTest.jpgFile:Update0.pngFile:User-page list of favorites.png
File:User masthead panorama.jpgFile:VSK-lejeu Forum Activity.pngFile:VSK-lejeu forum membership.png
File:VSK mod files.zipFile:Virtual Skipper 5 Trailer (HD)File:Widget bookmark.png
File:Wiki.pngFile:Wiki narrow.pngFile:Wiki opaque.png
File:Wiki page in widget.pngFile:Wiki transparent.pngFile:Wiki wide.png
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