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This discussion was started at Category talk:Tracks but this forum location is probably the better place for it to continue.;First draft: najevi 11:00, 12 July 2009 (UTC);Last update: najevi 03:57, 15 August 2009 (UTC)


Raison d'etre Edit

Semantic properties Edit

  • (Priority) Property name DATA TYPE enumerated values mandatory
    1. Fields from DATA TYPE to end of line pertain to the semantic data at this wiki while fields to the left of that pertain to a discussion of data that might be automatically generated by the game client after creating a Track and/or after the last boat finishes a race.
    2. For DATA TYPE an asterisk (*) indicates re-use of a previously defined property name.
    3. (Priority) = (A), (B), (C), etc. Also (0) & (M) These refer to a prioritized list of data that will be submitted to Nadeo for possibly including in certain plain ASCII files or file headers automatically generated by the game client.
      • (0) = this data is already provided in an easily parsed format
      • (M) = this data can be obtained manually

Boat Edit

Skin Edit

Track Edit

Mark coordinates suggestion
  1. Consistently use 2 coordinate pairs per mark (i.e. necessary to handle start line, finish line and gates).
  2. For port/starboard rounding marks let the first pair specify location of the buoy while the second pair specifies port/starboard rounding.
    e.g. port=(-MaxInt,-Maxint) & starboard=(-Maxint,Maxint)
    If coordinates are guaranteed >=0 then let port = (-1,-1) and starboard=(-1,1).
  3. Repeat identical coordinates if a mark is reused on a subsequent leg but always use the second coordinate pair to specify port/starboard rounding.

Race Edit

Automated upload mechanism Edit

Next-gen Result.CSV file Edit

File formats Edit

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