This form is a user's interface to the Manage your Favorites facility. A user may add a page to their list of favorites or remove a page from that list using this form.
It must be used with the Semantic Forms extension. It has a companion template: Template:Favorites and relies on JavaScript (see below). The data being added to or removed from a subject page is the name of the current user. Therefore, this is actually managing a fanList (a.k.a. subscriber list) for the subject page however, the effect that each user sees at their user-page is the adding/removing of the subject page to/from a list of "Favorites".
  • This is a partial form.
  • The current user may only add or remove their own username. This is by design.
  • Any user can easily view the usernames on the Favoredby list however to vandalize the list requires annotating the semantic property to a corrupt value. Recovering from such vandalism is as difficult as performing the vandalism. Note that the form field Favoredby is obfuscated/hidden from view and is tamper-proof thanks to the CSS properties that class="obfuscate" invokes. The template performs no action with that named parameter.
  • Hiding the semantic FactBox is enforced by the companion Template:Favorites.
  • Manage your Favorites relies on the JavaScript functions Favorites and synchronizeFavoredby being activated upon page load.
  • It does not make use of Template:USERNAME. Indeed the display of a user's username can only be defeated by disabling JavaScript at this wiki - at which point the user cannot take advantage of the Manage your Favorites facility.
  • A logged-off user will see no username displayed and will see Wikia's standard banner prompt inviting them to log in or create a username. If they proceed to click the Confirm button without first logging in then no change is effected.
  • A user's user-page does not need to belong to Category:Members to be added to the fanList but this may be necessary for certain semantic queries.
  • Initially the fanList contains data of Type:String. Whether it gets changed to Type:Page will depend on community feedback.
Add the link [[Special:EditData/Favorites/{{PAGENAME}}|Manage your favorites]] to a page requiring this feature.
  • Typically this is done via the template used by the default form for a page. Currently there is no other way for a user to know that this form is available for editing a page.
  • Look into the Has alternate form feature to see if this can be changed. That might allow any page to make use of this handy facility.
Code listing
Copy to MediaWiki:Common.js
 function synchronizeFavoredby() {
  For a description of when and why you might want to use a function like this read:
  http: //
    var str = $("#Favoredby").text();   /* accesses the contemporary semantic data */
    $("#bodyContent form.createbox fieldset")
     .val(str.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ''));  /* populates the form's (input type = text) field  - trimming whitespace */
 $( synchronizeFavoredby );
 function Favorites() {
  Required for the "Manage your Favorites" feature. See also companions Template:Favorites and Form:Favorites
    $("#bodyContent form.createbox fieldset ")
    .val(wgUserName)                    /* Auto-populate the text input field with current user name  */
    .attr("readonly","readonly")        /* Write-protect text input field */
    .attr("size","0");                  /* Shrink box to fit data */
      Now set the Remove||Add radiobuttons based on the presence||absence of the wgUserName within the fanList
    var fans = $("#Favoredby").text();  /* Accesses the up-to-date semantic data */
    var reg = new RegExp("[ ,]+", "g"); /* Both comma and space are delimiters */
    var fanArr = fans.split(reg);
    if ( $.inArray(wgUserName,fanArr) < 0 )
        $("#bodyContent input:radio[checked][value!='Add'][name$='[Operation]']")
            .removeAttr("checked");     /* Uncheck any checked radio element that does not match the target value */
        $("#bodyContent input:radio:not([checked])[value='Add'][name$='[Operation]']")
            .attr("checked","checked"); /* Check any unchecked radio element that does match the target value */
        $("#bodyContent input:radio[checked][value!='Remove'][name$='[Operation]']")
            .removeAttr("checked");     /* Uncheck any checked radio element that does not match the target value */
        $("#bodyContent input:radio:not([checked])[value='Remove'][name$='[Operation]']")
            .attr("checked","checked"); /* Check any unchecked radio element that does match the target value */
      Finally check the Minor edit checkbox - we don't want [[Special:Recent changes]] to be cluttered with edits due to favorites.
 $( Favorites );
See also
MediaWiki:Common.css "Semantic forms extension related"
Possible applications

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