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Palette of icons in this file

Overview Edit

This odt (Open Document Text) file is compatible with the free to use ( OOo Writer and OOo Draw applications and allows anyone capable of using a word processor to document a sailboat racing scenario using the familiar icons as seen in the various ISAF call books. Simply copy and paste the boat and marker icons then fill in with a suitable color and optional label and you are done! Draw is capable of exporting to the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format which is the ideal format to use because SVG scales with no pixelation flaws even as your browser's Zoom feature is used.

A Microsoft Word compatible version is not offered here because MSword uses a proprietary file format and Microsoft, in general, does not cooperate with open standards such as the XML file formats used for SVG and Open Document Test (odt) and Open Document Graphic (odg) files. It is possible to create the same template for MSword but the available conversion tools do not preserve the scalable vector graphics aspect of the icons used in this file.

Your help is wanted Edit

Please refer to the Virtual_Skipper_Wiki:Manual_of_Style#Racing_situation_illustrations and review the proposed guidelines for these images. Those guidelines are provided in anticipation of multiple contributors supplying images and with the goal of ensuring a degree of similarity or consistency from one image to another. If you are one of the first to contribute then you get to rewrite the guidelines if they make no sense for you.

These illustrations are wanted for various articles at Virtual Skipper Wiki. It's too big a job for one person but if divided among several then it should be much less of a chore. If the file name does not adequately describe the illustration needed then use What links here from the left-hand navigation sidebar to determine which wiki article uses that illustration. Then read the article and see if that context clarifies what illustration is needed.

  • If it does not then simply leave your clarifying questions at the talk_page for each wanted illustration. Somebody else will either answer your clarifying question(s) or take over for that particular illustration.

Summary Edit

Racing Scenario Illustrator - Attrib: najevi (Inspired by an MS Word document prepared by Angelo Buscemi.)

Licensing: Edit

Cc-by-nc-sa This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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current04:05, November 8, 2009 (123 KB)Najevi (Talk | contribs)major version: 2.0<br/> # colors changed per Manuall of Style # labels use invisible lines instead of colored (less fiddling around) # two styles of buoy icon
01:22, September 9, 2009 (123 KB)Najevi (Talk | contribs)Racing Scenario Illustrator - Attrib: najevi (Inspired by a document prepared by Angelo Buscemi.)

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