Don't try to host a race using a wireless network. A wireless network is bad enough when joining a server simply to race but it simply does not provide sufficient bandwidth to serve as an adequate host.

Basics Edit

The default ports that require forwarding are as follows.

To host an internet race server
forward port 2350 for protocol: UDP to the PC on your local network that will do the hosting.
To share (peer to peer) skins and avatars
forward port 3450 for protocol: UDP

These port numbers can be changed for your game client via the configuration menu.

Router Edit

It is not practical to show router configuration screens for the above because there are simply too many routers and each one has a unique menu system for configuring this.

A valuable online reference is

In addition to configuring your router to allow the above ports to be forwarded you must ensure that the local IP address assigned to the PC doing the hosting is the same every time that PC powers up. There are two methods to achieve this.

  1. If your router's Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) service supports the reservation of a static IP address based on the MAC ID of the network card in your PC then that is the best solution to use.
  2. If your router does not support the above then you must use the Windows OS tools to give your PC a fixed IP address. (This is not recommended for laptop computers that may be taken to other local area networks but it is perfectly fine for desktop PC's that are never moved to another network.)

Software firewall Edit

Many people correctly configure their router but forget about the software firewall running on their PC. Once again has the answers. At you will find instructions for about 20 common software firewalls.

Links Edit

Step by step Vsk5 Hosting Setup Tutorial

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