Venue coordinates Edit

  • Vancouver, 49.25N, 123.1W
  • San Francisco, 37d46'45.48"N, 122d25'9.12"W
  • Tropical, 14d31'32"N, 75d49'06"W (approx)
  • Rio De Janeiro, 22d54'S 43d14'W
  • Isle of Wight, 50d40'51"N, 1d16'51"W
  • La Trinite, 47d35'10"N, 3d01'42"W (La Trinité-sur-Mer)
  • Valencia, 39.470239dN, 0.376805dW
  • Nordic, 58dN,3dE (approx)
  • Marseille, 43d17'51"N, 5d22'38"E
  • Porto Cervo, 41d08'N, 9d32'E
  • Napoli, 40d50'00"N, 14d15'00"E
  • Trapani, 38d01'N, 12d31'E
  • QingDao, 36d05'N, 120d20'E
  • Malmo, 55d35'N, 13d02'E
  • Sydney, 33d51'35.9"S, 151d12'40"E
  • Auckland, 36d51'S, 174d47'E

Decimal degrees (as used for googlemaps)

N(+) S(-)       E(+) W(-)       Venue
===========     ===========     ================  
49.250000	-123.100000	Vancouver
37.779167	-122.419167	San Francisco
14.525556	-75.818333	Tropical
-22.900000	-43.233333	Rio De Janeiro
50.680833	-1.280833	Isle of Wight
47.586111	-3.028333	La Trinite
39.470239	-0.376805	Valencia
58.000000	3.000000	Nordic
43.297500	5.377222	Marseille
41.133333	9.533333	Porto Cervo
40.833333	14.250000	Napoli
38.016667	12.516667	Trapani
36.083333	120.333333	QingDao
55.583333	13.033333	Malmo
-33.860000	151.211111	Sydney
-36.850000	174.783333	Auckland

Googlemaps extension Edit

With this extension it is hoped that each track page will display a world map with the venue's location marked. Since this is a 1:1 mapping and precision is not very important this semantic annotation will probably be implemented within the template called by a semantic form. This means that a user will not be able to enter a custom pair of coordinates for any of the 16 standard venues.

It may be desirable to have a set of local coordinates for each venue so that a user can "drill down" from the world map view and seamlessly be taken to a tiled map view of the VSK5 created 3D world for each venue. This is a "nice to have" feature that will take a low priority, initially. This should also very nicely side-step the inevitable discrepancies that will exist between the Nadeo created 3D world in which we cyber-race and the real world satellite images that are available via the Google Maps extension.

  • It seems pointless to plot race courses from the 3D world on real world maps derived from Google Maps however it is possible to fracture a composite map of a 3D world into square tiles and then make those tiles behave in the same way that the satellite image tiles behave for the well-known Google Map product. It is not a trivial task but it has been done at one Wikia-hosted wiki before this one.

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