This category helps us share our custom widgets for the Monaco skin.

  • Just follow one of the links listed below to view the documentation page for another user's widget.
  • If you like what you see then you can easily follow the "How to .." steps below to adopt that widget into your Monaco sidebar or you can copy the source code and then prune/innovate to your personal needs.

The widget named A Custom Toolbox is actually the default MediaWiki:Widgetwikipage (a.k.a. Wiki page in widget ) that has been customized by your site admin. See also:

A Custom Toolbox nicely compensates for some gaps in the tools provided by Wikia but also provides for a feature unique to Virtual Skipper Wiki - the Manage Favorites popularity index.

At the present time A Custom Toolbox is the only custom widget that can be made accessible to all visitors via:

  • Special:Widgets
  • Special:WidgetDashboard
  • and the "cockpit" (a.k.a. Widget Carousel) which is activated via the Manage widgets menu item (at right)
    This custom widget appears under the title "Wiki page in widget" in the widget carousel. This is probably a bug.

This does not stop you from creating your own custom widget. Also, your widget innovations can easily be incorporated into the site-wide custom widget.

How to create (or adopt) a custom widget Edit

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