Once you have registered a user name at any Wikia hosted community you may use the same login to access any other wiki community hosted by Wikia.

After your first edit at this wiki your user page and your user_talk page are initialized and it is during this process that your user page is added to this category.
  • You will receive an automated welcome message at your user_talk page
  • Your user page will be given an initial layout which you are free to personalize or delete altogether

If you have not yet left a brief hello message at the Forum:Nautigals & buoys then hop over there now and do so. Even a "Hello world!" will do the trick.

If your name still does not appear in the list below and if you have not yet viewed your user-page then please go there now.
This will cause your user page to be added to this Members category.

Manage your Favorites Edit

The Virtual Skipper Wiki uses the list of members in this category to implement a facility for managing your favorite list of boat models, skins, tracks ... indeed any wiki article can be added to your list of favorites.

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