For discussion of the RRS, see ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing.

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Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012Edit

International Sailing Federation

Articles about the rules Edit

In wiki articles discussing a rule, the verbatim quote from ISAF RRS shall be identified in a colored block as follows:

direct quote fron ISAF RRS

To make this both convenient and consistent the VSK template rrs has been created. viz.
{{rrs|begin}}direct quote from ISAF RRS{{rrs|end}}
That template is easily accessible from a table near the bottom of every edit page on this wiki. Just highlight the quoted text and then click on the link from the VSK templates list in that table.

This is designed to :

  1. Clearly separate the rules from the discussion/interpretation especially in those cases where the VSK auto-umpire implementation differs from the ISAF RRS.
  2. If ever this wiki is required to give a different attribution to ISAF for every quote from the RRS then that can easily be implemented by editing just the one template instead of editing numerous articles.
  3. All sections of the ISAF RRS are listed below however, this wiki only plans to host articles for those which have relevance to racing in online regatta's using Virtual Skipper. (Those relevant rules are most easily identified by viewing the Rule mapping table article.)

Video tutorial on the changes for RRS 2009-2012 Edit

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