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Compare this list of hosts with the list of Members. You will see that not all skippers host races and that is perfectly OK. Creating a host page at this wiki has no great meaning right now but in a few months time when race result data is able to be uploaded to the wiki and subsequently queried then the significance of having a host page will become apparent.

  • Active hosts and popular hosts will be easily identifiable
  • Users who tend to host Team races will be easily located and the typically times of the week when those races are hosted will be easy to see
  • Hosts who routinely use "house rules" or "sailing instructions" that you agree with will be easy to recognize

... and so on and so forth.

So make an early start and create a host page. If you check out the najevi page you'll see that I do not host races so my page is very simple. You could start with such a simple page and build from that as your hosting habits change.

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