This guide provides a set of tested sailing instructions designed primarily for major championship regattas for one or more classes. It therefore will be particularly useful for world, continental and national championships and other events of similar importance. The guide can also be useful for other events; however, for such events some of these instructions will be unnecessary or undesirable. Race officers should therefore be careful in making their choices.

An expanded version of the guide, Appendix LE, is available on the ISAF website ( It contains provisions applicable to the largest and most complicated multi-class events, as well as variations on several of the sailing instructions recommended in this appendix. It will be revised from time to time, to reflect advances in race management techniques as they develop, and can be downloaded as a basic text for producing the sailing instructions for any particular event. Appendix L can also be downloaded from the ISAF website.

The principles on which all sailing instructions should be based are as follows:

  1. They should include only two types of statement: the intentions of the race committee and protest committee and the obligations of competitors.
  2. They should be concerned only with racing. Information about social events, assignment of moorings, etc., should be provided separately.
  3. They should not change the racing rules except when clearly desirable. (When they do so, they must follow rule 86 by referring specifically to the rule being changed and stating the change.)
  4. They should not repeat or restate any of the racing rules.
  5. They should not repeat themselves.
  6. They should be in chronological order; that is, the order in which the competitor will use them.
  7. They should, when possible, use words or phrases from the racing rules.

To use this guide, first review rule J2 and decide which instructions will be needed. Instructions that are required by rule J2.1 are marked with an asterisk (*). Delete all inapplicable or unnecessary instructions. Select the version preferred where there is a choice.
Follow the directions in the left margin to fill in the spaces where a solid line ( _____ ) appears and select the preferred wording if a choice or option is shown in brackets ([ . . . ]).

After deleting unused instructions, renumber all instructions in sequential order. Be sure that instruction numbers are correct where one instruction refers to another.

... table omited for brevity ...


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