Gplv3-127x51 This work is licensed under a Free Software Foundation
GNU General Public License 3.0

Attribution: Thibaut GRIDEL
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frame|right|GPL licensed situational diagram drawing and animation

For drawing racing situational diagrams this GPL licensed open source software is hard to beat.
Download, unzip and run - no installation or configuration required!

Home page
GNU General Public License
Project: Boat Scenario - Forums
Bug reporting
Project: Boat Scenario - Bugs

Summary features
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Multiple boat shapes, because not everyone races a Soling! Available boats now are Optimist, Laser, Tornado, and Keelboat. More can be added!
  • Easy boat movement and heading with mouse buttons.
  • Boat selection mechanism to edit multiple boats together, and undo/redo options.
  • Smooth animation with play/pause/hand set to test the realism of the drawing.
  • Data is saved as XML. It is thus planned for further evolutions.
  • Export to still Image of any time in the animation, and export as a gif file of whole animation.
  • Printing support to generate a nice call description.
  • Tabbed view to have multiple scenarios open
  • Trimmable sail angle
  • optional Laylines drawing
  • Printing support including PDF generation of the formatted call
  • Overlap lines
  • Animated GIF export
  • a rib series (umpire pressure)
  • contextual menu input from the scene
  • recent files list and last session tabs restore
  • Toggle for Path display
  • Flags on boats
  • Bubbles to input text

It has translations for english, spanish, german, swedish and french.

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