Are you tired of the default music or default animation in the background of the various Vsk5 game menus including the Internet lobby? You can customise this aspect of the game.

The background video (and music) for the various menus within Vsk5 is whatever video is located at: C:\Program Files\Vsk5\GameData\Menu\Media\BackgroundTexture\Intro01.bik

The .bik file format is the Bink video file format and can be edited/created/mixed using the free to download and free to use RAD Video Tools from

  1. save a backup copy of the original Intro01.bik file and
  2. copy the substitute Bink video file to the above path (see ZIP archive of VSK mod files)
If you save more than one file within the above folder then it seems that all files get parsed each time the game is launched. This adds an unwelcome time delay to each game launch and the game will even time-out and quit once the total of all file sizes exceeds some threshold between 300MB and 450MB. (The actual threshold may have more to do with the total number of frames rather than the file size.)

Instead of using the included video clip you could choose your favorite video clip and mix in your favorite music (adjust the volume to your preference!) The RAD Video Tools can be used to convert just about any video file to the BINK format and can also be used to mix in whatever audio track you choose. You may need to experiment with video compression settings to produce a file size that is manageable.

Some/many audio tracks are DRM-protected and will mix in as silence so hunt around until you find a track that does not have this Digital Rights Management feature.

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